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Part of the work we do here at Whitlands Engineering is designing and building innovative solutions for the firewood industry – which is exactly how the new Trommel Wood Cleaner came to be. After a request from a wood-yard owner, David set about designing a machine which would clean the split timber of dirt, debris and kindling.

The Trommel is designed as an add on to a bulk processing system – cleaning the wood in the last step before packaging for retail sale.  The Trommel will efficiently remove all fines (dirt, gravel, wood chips & splinters) through the fine screen and most of the kindling and smaller pieces of wood through the coarse screen. For wood yards this means the wood is cleaner, more saleable and results in more accurate weight measurement. The capacity of this machine is estimated at 25 – 30 cubic meters per hour.

The Trommel is available as a separate unit which fits into an existing firewood handling system, or it can be combined in a hopper/elevator or hopper/trommel/elevator configuration for maximum efficiency.

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