Rex 650c Circular Firewood Docking Saw

The original Rex Log Saw 1050 model – first released in 2005, featured a chainsaw cutting system suitable for cutting logs up to 1050mm in diameter. In 2011 a smaller chainsaw model was added – The Rex Log Saw 800. After a year in R&D the new circular saw now completes the trio of options available to firewood businesses.

The new circular saw performs extremely well on a wide range of logs – especially dirty, dry, bent logs, or those which have various flaws such as rot in the centre. The circular saw will handle logs from 1.5 – 6.5 meters long, and up to 650mm diameter. The 28 tooth x 1.5 meter diameter Tungsten tip blade is driven by a fuel efficient 70hp Yanmar 4TNV98 diesel engine – cycle times so far on the first release are 10 – 12 cuts per minute for 400 – 500mm logs.

Designed & built in Australia using very heavy duty construction and quality engine & hydraulic components, this machine will give many years of productive trouble free service. Whitlands Engineering has been at the forefront of bulk firewood processing system design since 2002 and this new circular saw completes the ultimate package available for firewood businesses looking to take it to the next level.

See the video below or see more details and photos here

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